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Wing expands drone authentication service to US

Wing, an alphabet subsidiary that specializes in drone distribution, announced on June 29 that its OpenSky app would be available to US users. Available for free, the app allows drone owners to get approval to fly near important areas such as airports.

Launched in Australia in 2019 with the assistance of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (GASA), the app provides all the flight information and permits required for recreational and commercial drone pilots. For its US version, Wing has entered into an agreement with Federal Aviation Administration to provide aircraft authorization through the Low Level Accreditation and Notification Capacity (LAANC) system. The company is one of 15 companies to benefit from this type of partnership.

Extend the use of drones
With nearly two million drones already registered in the United States, the regulatory compliance of all drones will allow safe skies to be shared. “, Wing said in a statement According to Bloomberg. “This will eventually allow the use of drones to be extended, which will be highly beneficial for emergency response, business surveys and non-contact deliveries.t, ”the company added.

Section, thanks for the mapping expertise Google Over the years he has become a key player in the growing field of drone surveillance. Wing too First accredited company Provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to make commercial deliveries by drone. The company has already made several thousand deliveries since 2019, when it launched a commercial drone delivery service in Christianburg, USA.

Wing hopes to democratize the use of drones and make travel safer and easier by making its use available to US users. The raised wing of the Govt-19 epidemic was announced Dramatic increase in the number of customers Has been using its drone delivery service since its inception.

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Multiplication of regulations
In general, the democratization of drones leads to debate on all sides. Israel launched a two-year plan last January to assess how drones can be controlled. With the first test of the actual conditions carried out in Hadera on March 17, 2021, Israel hopes for extended regulation by 2023.

In Europe, TindAIR project (For Tactical Instrumental Deconflection and Flight Resolution) Records own version of air traffic management software to protect drones. Led by the Toulouse start-up InnovATM, it is necessary to wait until 2022 for the first demonstrations in Peri-urban and suburban. Available in Australia, USA and Finland, Wing may soon be used in new geographical areas.