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Winehouse the Cardan way

Winehouse the Cardan way

On Tuesday morning, Charlotte Cardin revealed a very personal cover of back to black, by the late Amy Winehouse.

With vocal assistance by American reggae composer De La Ghetto, the Quebec artist presents a weaker version, punctuated by industrial rhythms, of one of the major titles of the British singer, who died at the age of 27, in 2011.

«back to black It’s a song I grew up listening to and repeating and sung hundreds of times when I was a kid. “I’ve always wanted the Emmys back, but never had the opportunity to do so,” Charlotte Cardin says in a press release.

She had the opportunity to record two songs for a Spotify Singles playlist. control? twice. One of them was supposed to be a linguistic correction of one of his own titles. The other is a song of his choice by another artist.

From her collection, Charlotte Cardin chose to record a French version of XOXOOne of his album tracks PhoenixPosted in spring.

Besides Arcade Fire and Céline Dion, Charlotte Cardin is the only Quebec artist on Spotify Singles. Includes songs from Taylor Swift, Elton John, U2, Ed Sheeran, and Muse.

Charlotte Cardin will begin her North American tour in November. In addition to concerts in seven major American cities, in Ontario and in the west of the country, in 2022 she will present eleven sold-out shows at Mtelus in Montreal and eight completely sold-out shows at the Imperial Bell in Quebec.