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Windows 11 publicly exposes them

Windows 11 provides more and more sync options with the Apple ecosystem. Problem, some functions are not supported without the system notifying the user. Beware of hidden photos on iCloud.

During iPhone updates, Apple has improved its Photos app to take into account the new uses of our smartphone. The company has also attached special importance to protecting privacy. For example, it is possible to hide certain photos to make them disappear from the photo library.

Suitable for hiding some offensive images that are intended for certain posts only. Problem, syncing with Windows 11 does not take this option into account.

Windows 11 shamelessly displays your hidden photos

With the introduction of the Windows 11 update in late 2022, Microsoft introduced photo syncing between Windows 11 and Apple’s iCloud. A very practical feature that allows you to quickly find photos taken on your iPhone on your Windows PC without going through the step of sharing or cable. This is the approach that Microsoft has taken for several months to improve the use of the iPhone with its operating system. This goes through a partnership with Apple which allows synchronization with the smartphone and has placed its applications on the Microsoft Store.

The problem is, the job seems to be half done between Microsoft and Apple. Setting a picture as hidden does not prevent Windows 11 from displaying it explicitly in its gallery.

Pay attention to your presentations

Many netizens raised this issue on the Apple and Microsoft forums, without any reaction from the companies at the moment. We hope this problem will eventually be resolved. Meanwhile, if you have intimate photos stored in your hidden album on your iPhone and you’re syncing your photos to Windows 11, pay attention to its gallery.

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While waiting for a fix, if you are worried, a good solution might be to disable iCloud photos display in Windows 11 Gallery.

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