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Windows 11, Microsoft updates 190,000 PCs in 5 weeks

Windows 11, Microsoft updates 190,000 PCs in 5 weeks

Windows 11 is still rolling out to many eligible devices. Like any company, Microsoft also upgrades its computers to adopt its latest operating system.

Giant states that this upgrade process went through without any problems. It only took five weeks for 190,000 devices to adopt Windows 11. The company adds

Introducing a new operating system […] It naturally led to questions about device downtime and app compatibility. However, with established practices and cutting-edge solutions at hand, historical obstacles are becoming a thing of the past. Microsoft’s Windows 11 rollout was the most streamlined yet, providing employees with the latest operating system in record time. »

Compatibility with Windows 11 and apps

One of the main concerns during this assignment was application compatibility. The giant relied on App Assure to ensure that such issues do not occur during and after upgrading to Windows 11.

And then it is selected

“Data from App Assure, a Microsoft service available to all customers with eligible subscriptions, shows the company has 99.7% compatibility for all apps in Windows 11, eliminating the need for extensive testing. It also means that Windows 10 apps for employees run smoothly. with Windows 11. Additionally, Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Windows Update for Business have eliminated the need for multiple disk images and made it easier to get Windows 11.”

The upgrade process was broken down into three different plans for planning, preparing, and deploying the operating system.

Microsoft recommendations when updating PC Park to Windows 11

Microsoft also recommends creating a recovery plan, just in case something doesn’t work as expected. Note that Windows 11 comes with the option to roll back within 10 days after installation.

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