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Windows 11?  Microsoft releases the mysterious "What's next for Windows" 4K wallpaper

Windows 11? Microsoft releases the mysterious “What’s next for Windows” 4K wallpaper

Microsoft has scheduled a big event for June 24 dedicated to the future of Windows. Its name is What’s Next for Windows, and its exact software is not known. Many believe that it will allow the discovery of a whole new version of the operating system, Windows 11.

The name “Windows 11” has not been confirmed and is still a guess. We have addressed this question in this Reality. Let’s add that it does not make humanity because we will have a big change in Microsoft’s plans. Windows 10 is supposed to embody a change in strategy. We’re talking about giving away versions Self-confidentWindows profile for a policy as a service.

For now, all this should be taken with a grain of salt. Perhaps we will have an answer to June 24. Regarding this event, Microsoft’s invitation was accompanied by a photo that sparked a lot of talk about it. According to some, it is strong evidence of the arrival of a new version of Windows.

Windows 11 wallpaper is available for download

Microsoft just added fuel to the fire by releasing this image as a file hd wallpaper for its operating system. This discovery is shared on reddit It adds that the image is available in 4K resolution. It’s called “What’s Next for Windows” while Microsoft specifies that it relates to the promotional image for this event.

We know that the next feature update for Windows 10 is codenamed sun, valley. It is scheduled to be published next fall. This will be one of the most important updates in the history of the operating system. The novelties are planned in terms of mechanics, interface or even functionality. In this regard, the deployment of several “builds” through the Windows Insider Program allowed us to discover some new features.

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