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Windows 11, une nouvelle build est disponible

Windows 11, Microsoft offers new ISO files for installation

Microsoft offers new ISOs for installing Windows 11. They allow you to take advantage of the latest version 22598. They are available for computers registered on the DEV or BETA channels of the Insider Program.

This version introduces some new features. It affects the DEV Channel multimedia player, the desktop, or the Getting Started app. It runs automatically once the upgrade is complete to help the user start using their computer. Concern Desktop Microsoft offers Windows Spotlight as a default wallpaper solution.

However, the core addresses a significant patching problem that affects the operating system and many of its key elements. We have fixes for taskbar, start menu, file explorer, parameters, fenestration or manager.

Windows 11 build 22598, ISOs to install from scratch

Installation ISOs for this version 22598 are available for download at this site Title. Not accessible to everyone. It is mandatory to be signed in with a Microsoft ID and to be part of the Windows Insider Program.

These new ISO files allow installation from scratch, but be careful. We are part of the Insider Program. So the operating system cannot be considered reliable enough to be run on a personal computer. It is recommended to install it for testing purposes only. Note that the ISO also allows installation via a virtual machine.

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