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Windows 11 et le nouveau menu démarrer

Windows 11, Microsoft is improving and patching the Start Menu

One of the distinguishing features of Windows 11 is its Start menu. Microsoft has taken a risk with major changes. It is an essential part of the operating system experience.

All this explains the reason for the great interest in its functions and future developments. Microsoft continues to improve it with each new preview published by the Windows Insider Program.

in this subject Windows 11 build 22593recently available on DEV and BETA channels, brings improvements, some of which are related to folder management.

Windows 11 build 22593 and Start Menu

Creating folders in the Start menu is currently only available through the Windows Insider Program. Microsoft fixes every bug before taking a look at a large-scale rollout.

In this spirit, version 22593 offers slightly larger volumes while the modifications are announced. is explained

“We have updated the design of the folders in the start menu to be a little larger, which makes it easier to see application icons in the folder without having to open it. There is also a hotfix to solve the name issue. If a folder in the start menu is created in the same position as the deleted folder, the old name will appear “.

Added to this is a fix for an issue where using the keyboard to select options is impossible after using WIN + X. Likewise, the issue where the Command Prompt does not appear in the foreground when solving the launch of Windows Terminal. Finally, the search icon in the taskbar should no longer flash when the Start menu is closed.

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Windows 11 build 22593 can be installed from the Dev and Beta channels of the Windows Insider Program.