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Windows 11 Major Camera Update Rolled Out

Microsoft is developing Windows 11 as an operating system with improvements to its original applications. The camera software included in Windows 11 recently was the target of a major update.

The published optimization package provides a reworked user interface to align with the OS design charter. In parallel, the application supports reading QR codes and barcodes. It is therefore recommended that you update it as soon as possible to take advantage of these latest improvements.

The release note says

The Camera app has been updated to match the new look of Windows 11. In addition to existing support for Camera, Video, Document, and Dashboard capture modes, we’re excited to introduce QR code and barcode scanning.

Windows 11, the evolution of the camera but not only

Microsoft explains that users who sign up for the DEV channel in the Windows Insider Program get some of the movie and TV mods that come with the operating system. More precisely, the application has developed in version 10.22061. One notable feature is native ARM64 support. We also have support for playing local video to go to Media Player.

The company explains in detail

  • Support for original Arm64 : We’ve improved the movie and TV experience on Arm64 devices. You will see faster and better performance when using the app.
  • Migrate local video playback to Media Player : We migrate video file type associations from Movies & TV to Media Player. This migration will only affect file types that are already associated with Movies & TV and only after you open Movies & TV for the first time.
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All of these improvements are only available through the Windows Insider Program. We have no information on a possible public release schedule.