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Windows 11 is now installed on 20% of PCs, and the rise continues

Windows 11 continues to dominate computers around the world. In February 2022, 19.3% of them had the operating system installed. A slight increase from January, but a significant departure from the operating system’s difficult start. However, Windows 10 21H2 remains the most popular version.

Credits: Unsplash

The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the Windows 11 It was windy to say the least. Hurt by his sudden announcement from Microsoft as well as by Minimal configuration that made a lot of noise At the time, users were not particularly interested in the operating system when it was released. end of november, So only 0.25% have implemented the update. But after several months of effort, The sky is starting to clear for the operating system.

Today, About 20% of the computers in the world are running Windows 11. 19.3% in February 2022 to be exact, according to a recent report by AdDuplex. Since the end of 2021, this number has continued to increase. The figure was 16.1% in January. So, there is a slight increase in one month, but it must be put in context: compared to its difficult beginnings, the OS is now running Get a place with the users.

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Windows 10 remains more popular than Windows 11

At the moment, Windows 11 is the third most installed version on computers. We find in the first place Windows 21H1, which is maintained by 27.5% of users. The decline is small compared to January, when it peaked at 28.6%. in second place, Windows 10 21H2 It still attracts 21% of users. Interestingly, the latter was only installed on 12.1% of computers in January.

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So Windows 10 21h 2 may have benefited from the small size of its update, which users who were unable to upgrade to Windows 11 had to deal with. On closer examination, it isGood news for Windows 11. By submitting more than one update per yearthe operating system could attract more users to its new versions, if only this was done improve its compatibility.

So the OS popularity rating continues to rise. A study from January in particular shows that Users spend 40% more time on Windows 11 from other versions. The fact remains that the latter will suffer, whatever happens, from Strict entry requirements. In total, it is estimated that 50% of business PCs will need to stay on Windows 10.

Windows 11 20% PC
Credits: AdDuplex