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Windows 11 build 25346 is available for download, what’s new?

Along with Windows 11 build 23440, Microsoft is releasing Windows 11 build 25346. The operating system is available through the Canary channel and not through the Windows Insider Program DEV channel.

This post is attached to the update ranking ISOs allowing what is called a “clean” installation. It is obviously updated not by existing update but by installing from scratch. It is important to note that for builds offered through the Canary channel, Microsoft offers limited documentation.

Windows 11 build 23440 introduces adaptive content brightness control on connected devices, including desktops.

Adaptive content brightness control options in settings

This shrinkage capc technology againstOwns toAdaptive BRight againstontrol darkens or brightens areas of the screen or screen based on the content displayed. The goal is to strike a balance between power consumption and visual experience. It is possible to set this setting through a drop down menu with 3 options: Off, Always and Battery On Only. It is located at this address

Paramètres > Système > Affichage sous « Luminosité et couleur »

CABE must be enabled by the device manufacturer. Therefore, this feature is not available on all laptops or 2-in-1 devices.

Redesigned connection bar for remote desktop sessions.

Windows 11 build 23440, many new features

Remote Desktop gets a redesign of the connection bar with an updated design of light and dark modes to align with Windows 11’s visual guidelines. If a local file is shared in File Explorer with Outlook contacts, an option is given to quickly email the file. Promised improvements to uploading contacts from Outlook.

Option to start network diagnostics directly from the network icon in the taskbar

The system tray also benefits from a novelty. When you right-click the network icon, an option to run diagnostics is available.

The operating system has been enriched with new privacy settings and the Presence Sensor API. Thus, it is possible, if PC compatible, to use presence sensors to determine whether or not a user is in front of their device.

Windows 11 and presence sensors – Options in Settings

Covert options ensure that apps are authorized or not to access these sensors. It is important to stress that Microsoft does not collect any image or metadata. All processing is done locally through computers.

Updated notification boxes for Windows Security (Firewall).

Windows Security notification boxes have been updated (new design). The company claims to have corrected various problems.

The narrator benefits from life-to-life improvements and modifications to the Chinese characters. the company explains

Narrator users who interact with traditional Chinese characters can now do so with confidence when using Narrator and the IME filter window in Windows. This was made possible by creating a traditional Chinese dictionary for detailed reading. The Narrator now uses the dictionary to spell out each traditional Chinese word. Users should be aware that Narrator’s detailed reading is only supported for the Taiwanese language pack. Hong Kong language pack is not supported.

Configurable status for HDR when running on battery power.
Configurable state of HDR video streaming when running on battery power.

Finally, it’s easier to configure HDR for devices that run on battery power. choice for l’activer ou non est disponible à cette adresse

Paramètres > système > Affichage > HDR

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