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Windows 11 Build 22468 Errors affecting taskbar and start menu

Windows 11 Build 22468 Errors affecting taskbar and start menu

A few days before the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft publishes a new “build”. Interestingly enough, it comes with several issues that indicate that the operating system is not yet perfect. However, we are on the DEV channel for the Insider Program.

Available for download Windows 11 Build 22468 is available through the “Beta” DEV channel. In fact, Microsoft made changes several months ago about Windows 11 preview distribution. The DEV channel is now a testing ground for new ideas. They are not necessarily meant to find their way to a final version of Windows 11. By definition, this preview is “lower” than the one available on the “Beta” channel.

The latest version (22468) is an example since Microsoft confirmed that there are several known issues. It affects various features of the operating system including the start menu and taskbar.

Windows 11 build 22468, notable errors.

One of the notable failures concerns the search module (taskbar, start menu). Error not allowed to enter text in the correct field. Giant explains that there is an alternative solution. Consists of launching “Execute”. To do this, simply use the key combination “WIN + R” to bring up the Run dialog and then close it.

Regarding the taskbar, Microsoft states that in some cases it may suddenly “blink” when you change the input method. Unfortunately, there is no solution at the moment. The only way out is to restart the computer.

Finally, the notification center can be blocked. Here again, the solution is extreme as it consists in restarting the computer.

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Giant sets

“We are investigating several reports that Action Center is crashing or not working in recent versions of Windows 11. If you are a victim of this failure, restarting Explorer.exe may fix the problem.”