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Windows 11, after the start menu, ads land in the settings

Microsoft is determined to exploit the capabilities of Windows 11 to display ads. After File Explorer and the Start Menu, users noticed that it appeared in another “common” area of ​​the operating system, Settings.

on Twitter Albacoreknown for its commitment to dissecting the latest versions of Windows 11, reveals that Microsoft is popping ads through the Settings home page.

When you open the Settings app, the Home page displays an ad for the Microsoft 365 service.

A free trial is offered. Storage information and tips are given below about account security.

In another version of this homepage, the advertisement “Microsoft 365” is placed at the bottom of the screen and the unit for storage above. In addition, the Accounts page may display a notice regarding the end of support for certain products.

For example, the following screenshot shows a notice for Office 2013 suite. Support has ended.

Windows 11, the perfect space for advertising?

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has promoted Microsoft 365. Tests have taken place at the start menu. We’ve also made changes to the user code to indicate an issue if a local account is detected. The idea is to push through to create an account online.

Last year’s ads popped up in the most used Windows 11 app, File Explorer.

Windows 11, Microsoft is testing advertising in File Explorer

It is clear from all this that Microsoft wants to exploit the popularity of its operating system to promote its subscription products. It became clear that the local account was no longer welcome. An online account brings a lot of benefits but you have to agree to share more data. A subscription-based service is an effective way to increase revenue. This may explain the gradual abandonment of license sales.

Note that the majority of these “ad” tests are observed with builds of the Windows Insider Program. We don’t know if Microsoft will decide to make this announcement widely available. Also if this happens is there an option to disable it?

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