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Windows 10 end of support announced in 2025

Windows 10 end of support announced in 2025

It’s adding a date below the box withdrawal day to Windows 10 Home and Pro On the Microsoft webpage detailing the life cycle of an operating system (A new window) Who put the tip of the ear on the specialist Thurrott website, and is the first to report the news.

In recent weeks, Microsoft has been enjoying filtering evidence that made many media believe an announcement is coming regarding the next version of its operating system, which could be called Windows 11.

During the last Microsoft Build Show in late May, an event for developers, the tech giant mentioned that it is working on it The next generation of windows, without providing further details.

In early June, Windows uploaded an 11-minute video that collects computer startup sounds from different versions of the operating system in slow motion.

The tech giant recently scheduled an appointment with its followers on June 24 at 11 a.m. (ET) to see it What will follow for windows. The event is accompanied by an image whose shading resembles the number 11, indicating that the unveiling of Windows 11 is on the program.

According to The Verge, Internet users can expect to see major changes to the interface, and a redesign of the Windows Store with the next operating system.

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