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Will Smith Punished: Already Consequences for His Career After Being Slapped at the Oscars...

Will Smith Punished: Already Consequences for His Career After Being Slapped at the Oscars…

will Smith Will he pay for the slap he gave Chris Rock at the Oscars? This can be. Anyway, it’s been off to a good start since then, as revealed by several US media outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter : Two of the films he was going to star in are no longer present.

It was Will Smith removed from photograph fast and looseexpected on Netflix. He was to play the main role, the role of a mafia boss who is a victim of amnesia after an attack. The second relates to the next part of the saga bad boys. The fourth movie was in the tubes: Sony, the producer, had sent the first pages of the script to the actor before he changed his mind. The project is currently suspended. Will Smith did not react.

As a reminder, Will Smith was out of his hinges on the night of the Oscars. He attended with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith at the ceremony, after which he won an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in it Williams methodThe 53-year-old comedian took to stage after Chris Rock joked about his wife’s hair. The latter, who suffers from hair loss, chose to shave her head to face the disease. The master of ceremonies allowed himself to joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s new look, much to the chagrin of Will Smith. On stage to settle scores, actor I Am Legend He unfortunately became one by slapping Chris Rock after his remarks.

Aware of the scope of his gesture, Will Smith later apologized on his Instagram account: “My behavior last night at the Oscars was unacceptable and unforgivable. Jokes on my account are part of the job, but one joke about Jada’s health issue was too much for me and she reacted emotionally. I apologize Chris. I went away, I was wrong. […] My actions do not reflect who I am.Despite these words, a father of two alienated many people. In 2015, Will Smith was the champion one against all. It’s reality that seems, for once, to join fiction.

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