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Will DMP's new "My Health Space" be a serious competitor to Doctolib?

Will DMP’s new “My Health Space” be a serious competitor to Doctolib?

Paris France – A new episode in the digital health record series. Experiments ” My Health Space », DMP should start next July with 4 million users. On January 1, 2022, all French will be able to access their medical data through this digital space. Consisting of patient file, medical notes, secure messages and catalog of applications, the digital health space, as a result of cooperation between government and health insurance, aims to become a leader in the field of fierce competition.


The Ministry of Health, allied to health insurance, celebrated its first two years with great pomp Roadmap launch Digital health.

The aim of this three-year plan: to ensure that the state regains control in this strategic sector. “ Over the past fifteen or twenty years, we have allowed a whole host of programs to develop in France that have blossomed in hospitals, health laboratories, general practitioners and nursing homes, without a common framework, with programs that do not align well with health safety standards, which also do not comply. For common standards, “he noted Dominic BooneMinisterial Director for Digital Health, Ministry of Health.

There is no common standard

He added: “There is no correct interoperability in digital healthcare. Health professionals are sometimes bothered by the lack of work environment in their programs, as well as by breaks while caring for people.

The second observation: the French still lack all of their health data that could be accessed in a digital platform. In the last fifteen years we have not been able to offer this platform. It’s a fact: since 2004 the personal medical file, which was shared, has failed to prove itself. It was re-launched in 2018 and entrusted with health insurance, and the number of open DMPs, in September 2019, was only 7 million. Meanwhile, its development has been hampered by the announcement of a new tool, the Digital Health Space. Thus data management software (DMP) has become a building block of the digital health space, which was announced in April 2019. This digital health space should include three more templates: a medical diary, an app catalog and a health messaging system.

Experience with “My Health Space”

What about today ? After the first phase of the investigation and surveys of residents’ opinions, the first step will be taken next July: “In July, we will launch health spaces in the Loire Atlantic (44), Haute-Garonne (31) and in the Somme (80)), or 4 Millions of users, so this is very important. We will test the new version of DMP and Health Messages. The agenda and catalog will be released in January 2022 with its rollout. This trial phase will allow us to test personalization by users and health professionals, ”he explains Thomas FatumiGeneral Director of Health Insurance.

The digital health space, called “My Health Space”, should be rolled out in January 2022: “The creation of the digital health space will be possible from January 2022. There will be an unsubscribe system. Starting January 2022, we will send an invitation to all policyholders to open the space. Health. If they don’t oppose its opening, it will be created automatically after two months, “adds Thomas Fatum. This withdrawal system [désinscription] It should allow a generalized opening, within two months, to “My Health Space”, fortunately, to exceed about 7 million open DMP …

Starting January 2022, we will be sending an invitation to all policy holders to open up the health space. If they don’t oppose opening it then it will be created automatically after two months.
Thomas Fatumi

Governance, National Health Identity (INS), Intangible Cards …

If the health space is the cornerstone of the digital health roadmap, it includes many other measures.

First: Establishing new governance in the field: “We have built a new, shared governance, by relying on all players, we have opened a digital health council that is open … to all. We have also transformed the former health ASIP into a digital health agency that carries this roadmap,” Dominic Boone explains.

This digital health agency has also developed a repository, which makes it possible to ensure that applications and programs meet common standards: “We have written a technical doctrine for the health sector, medical and social sector. It should be the reference for all players in the world of health. We have also created a convergence tool where anyone can To declare its compliance with this principle. “

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Another project: the creation of a national health identity (INS), which is a number that identifies the patient so that he can exchange information about him in a safe way between two health professionals: it is spread in all health care programs in France. We have also developed e-CPS, which is a non-physical card for healthcare professionals (CPS). We’ve also physicalized Carte Vitale, which is now called the Carte Vitale app. We are still backed by health insurance, we are developing a major prescription materialization program that started in July 2019. We are in the generalization phase, software publishers for physicians and pharmacists are in development. Prescription standards. “

Investment: Modernizing hospitals’ IT systems, etc.

On the financial side, here too, digital health players say they weren’t unemployed: “There are also investment plans like we haven’t seen in 15 years. I’m talking about a plan to modernize hospital IT systems, the Hop’EN program that started before Two years in a large number of health institutions (with a value of 420 million Euros, Hop ‘EN has succeeded in the Digital Hospital Program to support the modernization of Hospital Information Systems (HIS) during the period 2018-2022 Editor’s Note).

We have also launched a financing scheme for regional instruments dedicated to complex care in the regions. “To this must be added a significant extension, resulting from the negotiations on Ségur Health:” There is also a major Ségur program worth € 2 billion to reinforce this roadmap: raising all programs to a standard level. Health in France, regardless of the sector (hospitals, nursing homes, general practitioners, etc.). The goal remains to share health data among health professionals to simplify the quality of care pathways, but also with the citizen themselves to share hospitalization reports, etc. “


Will this be enough to keep up with state and delinquent health insurance in digital health? Because without naming it, the major competitors who will lose market share, by creating the healthy space, remain platforms for medical appointments, and Doctolib dominates it.

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Dominique Boone also referred to the results of a study by a French polling institute: “The French want this platform to be implemented by the state rather than through a private platform. Much more needs to be done to keep up with the delays being faced by the leading European e-health company. Because Doctolib, thanks to the pandemic, has secured a prominent place in digital health: more than 4 million remote consultations in 2020, more than 60 million medical appointments made per month, are performed instead of serving vaccination appointments.

But first of all: The Doctolib doctor program was announced last March, which is a program that combines patient file management, practice administrative management, and other functions, such as patient pre-reception and sharing electronic prescriptions. Doctolib thus completes requests for medical appointments and remote consultations from Doctolib.

Will my health space be able to attract Doctors who already subscribe to Doctolib? To announce its solution, the Ministry of Health and Health Insurance is launching a virtual tour in France by sharing a webinar: “We will launch the Grand Tour de France tour in a webinar to explain, discuss and engage the whole ecosystem. We will start it shortly. We will present a roadmap, we have about ten selected dates. By diverse and diverse audiences, and we want to reach the largest possible number of people. We believe that we play a lot, it is the choice of society, if we want digital health with real sovereignty, and to ensure our humanity in health, then we need a collective mobilization, ”according to Dominic Boone’s analysis.

How to participate in the Tour de France?

“All you have to do is contact to learn about the program and register, first session on May 12th (announcement of the program / completion of dates? …) or send an email directly to [email protected] .fr to announce your interest in Organize a session. “

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