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Crysis 2 aura également droit à son remaster RUMEUR

Will Crysis 2 also have the right to remaster? – Rumor

Remember April 2020. After a few leaks, the rumor is out of control: Crysis’ first act was worth having its own Remaster. On all consoles, including Nintendo Switch. Then finally, I’m not sure Converts. Actually if, on Converts Also but Before other releases. In short, for a few hours, Twitter Caught and Kretek, The studio behind the game has finally formalized the ad: Crysis Remastered It will be released in a few weeks. Today, rumors are saying that Crysis 2 is next on the list.

She’ll tell me a logical continuation, but it’s not always an absolute truth: When the game is reworked, its continuation isn’t necessarily him. This says, Your hatred He recently posted two tweets that directly refer to the second installment of the series cry. Text loop “They were calling me a prophet.(Prophet Being an important character in the first two of Crysis), And the other with a picture of the game. Since nothing is official we do keep this information, but it wouldn’t be crazy to say Crysis 2 Remastered Really formal.

If it came out Nintendo switch, We hope the transportation is of better quality than Crysis 1 That was on the verge of disaster. What do you think of this rumor? Do you Crisis 2 Really need a remaster?

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