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Will a tiny Ming Dynasty Buddha rewrite Australian history?

“A small bronze Buddha statue recognized as an ancient Chinese Ming Dynasty relic may be evidence that Chinese sailors landed in Australia centuries before Europeans.” Briefly, on March 8, the Australian News site news.

The story begins in 2018. Two documentarians equipped with metal detectors surveyed a beach in the state of Western Australia, about 800 kilometers from Perth, as they prepared to film the Frenchman’s journey. (1800-1803) . However, to write Guardian Australia, “No trace of pre-Napoleonic exploration”.

However, they found out “Very Unexpected” : A bronze Buddha is 15 cm tall, weighs 1 kg and is hundreds of years old. Leon Deschamps and Shayne Thomson have done extensive work to understand how the Chinese statue ended up in Shark Bay.

Carved between 1368 and 1644

Convinced that it was an old coin, they decided to recognize it in the United Kingdom program Antique RoadshowOn top of that BBC. Dr

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