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Why you absolutely should enable notification history

Google’s mobile operating system has introduced a function to save notification history since Android 11. It is disabled by default, however it is very practical. Here’s how to set it up.

You may not know it, but since Android 11 there has been a function that allows you to save the history of all received notifications on your smartphone. Unfortunately, this option is disabled by default on all devices. However, it can be very practical, and this is for several reasons.

The first, and this is its primary function, is undoubtedly to allow you to consult the notification that you have mistakenly rejected very quickly. If you have ever accidentally passed a notification by posting the notification center of your smartphone, you will have the opportunity to find it in this precious log. All notifications recorded in this log are kept for 24 hours, which is long enough to allow you to find the missed notification.

The second is that this notification log is very useful for secretly reading messages sent to you by a third party. Provided the message is not too long and notifications are enabled from the associated messaging app on your device, you will be able to read it without entering the conversation. Your reporter hardly receives any notification indicating that you have read his message. Above all, and this is where this option comes in most handy, Notification History, as the name suggests, keeps a complete history of your notifications. This means that if a reporter sends you a message, before you change your mind and remove it, you can always read it from your history.

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How do I enable alert history?

Depending on the smartphone you are using, the menu names may differ.

1. Open Android Settings

Start by opening a file Settings from your Android smartphone. Then enter the menu Noticesthen go to Menu Notification date.


2. Enable notification log

Once in the notification log settings, activate the appropriate option. All future notifications received on your smartphone will now be recorded in this history, even if you delete or view the notification. Likewise, if it is a notification from a messaging service, its content will remain in the log, even if you or your correspondent deletes the message.

Android notification history

How do I access notification history?

There are several ways to access the history of received notifications on your smartphone. The first, through the settings, from the same menu in which you previously activated the option.

Android notification log

The second passes directly through the notification center. Depending on which device you have, an option may already be displayed at the bottom of your notifications to quickly access a fileHistorical Notices. This is the case, for example, on Google Pixel smartphones.