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Why the release of December 12 is reasonable

Why the release of December 12 is reasonable

Xiaomi 12 could be released on December 12 while Xiaomi Mi 11 was announced on December 28. Here’s why such an advanced launch is unlikely.

Xiaomi Mi 11

Xiaomi Mi 11 // Source: Frandroid

After a year of enthusiasm, xiaomi Preparing to launch the next flagship, which is expected under the name Xiaomi 12. If its design is still completely unknown, more and more eyes are turning to a release in December, starting with the very active one. leaker digital chat station.

according to (via GSMArena), Xiaomi will even attempt to roll over on the same date by unveiling its new premium series on December 12 or 12/12. As long as you do that, why not serve it at 12:12 noon? This is just a joke on our part of course.

Why is he not that crazy

Let’s insist on the fact that this supposed launch date has to be taken with a lot of tweezers until it is confirmed by Xiaomi. This date can also give the impression of a little early intervention compared to some competitors. In fact, Samsung It traditionally unveils the S series in January, oneplus In March or April and An apple In September to name a few.

However, many evidence suggests that this history is not completely crazy. Let’s start by remembering that last year, a file was created Mi 11 actually came out of the woods in December, 28 to be exact.

Snapdragon . Racing

Another clue that could confirm an announcement a little early: Qualcomm is preparing to introduce its new generation of chipsets, possibly giving up a name like Snapdragon 898 for a new designation: Snapdragon 8 Gen1. or, The race for the first smartphone with the new chip begins And Xiaomi is definitely one of the serious competitors, which the brand won last year by introducing The first smartphone under Snapdragon 888.

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Another motivation to advertise your smartphone as quickly as possible. Even if it’s a bit of fleeting glory, it helps draw attention to their product once it’s advertised.

Also note that if the Xiaomi 12 is indeed announced on December 12, it will not launch in Europe for several weeks. For the record, the Xiaomi Mi 11 announced on December 28 was only released in France on March 9.

By the way, Xiaomi 12X Can this time complete the range in addition to the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

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