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Why not Caufield?  |  Montreal Magazine

Why not Caufield? | Montreal Magazine

Question. Why don’t Tatar, Suzuki, Drouin, Danault and KK all play to their full potential as they did so well at the start of the season in January?

Adding Anderson, Toffoli, Allen, Romanov and Perry gave them a boost and it was nice to see them. In a new dynamic, they believed in themselves. First on the disc, cunning and tenacious in the corners, he is involved in defense, accompanying the exits. But suddenly or almost everything collapsed in less than a month. Even the coach disappeared.

And when there is no further attack, it is often the defense that devours the first blow. Weber’s bradycardia became more pronounced, and Patrie was forced to stop supporting the anemia, lukewarm attack. Young Romanov’s mistakes were amplified. Chiarot got injured, we didn’t believe in Ouellet and – I didn’t like that – we gave up Victor Mete.

Nothing more with STAAL

Adding Staal did absolutely nothing and I don’t think Merrill and Gustafson will bring back the thrill of the start. So there is still a beautiful, attractive path and opportunity. Her name is Cole Caufield.

Nothing, but absolutely nothing to lose. exactly the contrary. Not old enough? OK then. He is 20 years old. Fifteen players younger than him are currently playing in the national league, including Alexis Lavrinier. Jack Hoggs in Jersey is 19 years old and so is excellent Tim Stotzel in Ottawa.

Four points in two matches, comfortable as it can be and never frightening, Caufield’s entry into the MLS was unmistakable.

The Canadian attack is flat, and in the stands there is a natural, talented counter who dreams of endorsing his number 22. Find out the mistake.

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Joel Bouchard and his colleagues, scouts and other hockey bosses said: This guy is an exceptional case. What are we waiting for?

What are the risks?

Among the top 10 scorers in the National Hockey League currently, only Brad Marchand and Leon Dreisitel (6 matches) have made it through the MLS before rising to the standings in the Grand Circle. Everyone else, straight from a minor to the NHL. So, if you craft this little guy in the first round, it’s because he’s able to do just like everyone else.

The Canadian is not in a position to be intimidating in the youth league, and if Caufield shows that he cannot, there will be nothing insulting about finishing his lessons at Laval.

Caufield can play with such speed, and as he did with Rocket, he will soon be able to stand out, reveal himself, and unleash dangerous shots. Cole Caufield has never played with such good passers-by as those in the NHL, and will quickly know how to take advantage of it. Don’t tell me he can do worse than Eric Stahl.

Unless you’re dealing with a group of heartless people, the arrival of a young man like him in the squad should awaken those who have an older sibling instinct. His first experience, others all lived it and it could only spur great team spirit.

Come on, give him a chance and take him under your wing. He took the jewel out of the box and showed it to everyone. That’s good, we need it.

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Aggression or drowsiness in the team, if not, it often starts from decisions from above.

PS In 1986, a junior coach won the cup with 11 rookies.

Out of pocket

Milan Lucic

Photograph by Martin Chevalier

Milan Lucic

  • He might not be the most skilled, however Milan Lucic At 6’3, 233 lbs., By the end of the night, I’m tired of having him in your face.
  • Either he is injured or in very poor physical condition. Nick Suzuki, 21 years old, not what it was last year.
  • Almost in all bass outfitters Laurentians and Lanaudière, We don’t remember seeing the Lakes Stall early this year. Will the trout have a new stance? Only a fisherman would know.
  • Somewhere in Moscow, Vladislav Tretyak Today it celebrates its 69th anniversary. It’s clear that younger Mary Jose Turcotte of Radio Canada Sports is also blowing candles today.
  • In a survey of 600 NHL players last year, more than 40% of survey respondents believed Curry price He was the best goalkeeper in the ring. I can’t wait to see this year.
  • Paul Byron He is the person representing the Canadian within the NHL Players’ Union. Help is Brendan Gallagher.
  • Did you know that number 9 of the mighty Rowen Noranda is retired? We have praised B. Mike Ribeiro Who collected 167 points at the end of the 1998-1999 season.