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Why London is Abandoning “Burning” All European Laws

Cancelled, on “The Great Fire”. The massive repeal of European laws promised by the British government by the end of the year has been reduced to a trickle. condolence The Daily Telegraph. “At a meeting with Tory MPs on Monday April 24, Business and Trade Minister Kemi Patenoch announced that only 800 of the 4,000 laws would be passed” Entered into the UK legal system during its forty-seven years of membership in the European Union “to be phased out by 2023”, Everyday Eurosceptic mentions.

“Under the original plan created by the executive, which is currently going back and forth in Parliament, any law that is not expressly retained or renewed by December 31 next will automatically be repealed.”, obvious security guard, Anti-Brexit Daily.

“However, these texts cover many areas, from passenger rights to compensation for canceled flights, including the safety of workers and respect for the environment.”

Loss of key security

year-end deadline, to add Financial Times, “raised serious concerns among employers and trade unions as it would lead to great uncertainty and the loss of key safeguards”. On the other hand, the side of pro-Brexit MPs, “The news is like a fresh betrayal, controversial in their ranks after signing a deal in Northern Ireland in February”, bottom line The Daily Telegraph.

During exchanges “stormy” Along with Conservative MPs, Kemi Patenoch, her party’s rising star, “It is impossible to study everything in such a short time,” he explained. Get it back Financial Times.

“This new approach once again illustrates Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s pragmatism when it comes to European politics, and will be greeted with a sigh of relief by officials tasked with updating the legal code.”

Brexiteers, they “See Kemi Patenoch’s retreat as a resignation in the face of pressure from an administration seen as hostile to leaving the EU”. And fear, ends Daily Telegraph, “Other laws in Europe are never repealed”.