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Why is orthodontics a matter for adults too

Why is orthodontics a matter for adults too

Deviation – Candidates’ motives for dental realignment are not only aesthetic. More and more patients are turning to it for medical reasons, but the procedure is still not supported by Social Security 16 years later.

There are no official statistics on the number of adults who use a orthodontic treatment, and for good reason: If it doesn’t start before age 16, it’s not covered by Social Security (some mutual insurance companies partially reimburse care). But orthodontists know this: More and more adults of all ages are arriving in their clinic, including people in their 60s. Some of them have an aesthetic demand, the most common being dental overlap. Others come to resume orthodontic treatment that was done when they were younger: with age, the soft and bony tissues of the face change and dental defects become more noticeable.

“Others consult because of pain in the joints between the skull and the lower jaw, with the appearance of cracks, even for a defect in the lower jaw called a collision, which is sometimes accompanied by irradiation in the shoulder or back. These are us…

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