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Why do women get their periods earlier and sooner?

Why do women get their periods earlier and sooner?

Over the past two centuries, The age of the first period to me fell sharply in France. According to the latest data from INED (National Institute for Demographic Studies), in 1994 it was 12.6. However, INED estimates that the average was close to 16 years in 1750, 15 years in 1850 and dropped to 13 years in 1950. It has followed a similar path in other wealthy nations, such as the United States or Japan. The age of 12.6 is average, meaning that some girls are between 8 and 9 years old. What factors led to such a decline, such early menstruation?

In fact, it is not only the first period, but puberty in general that begins before and before that. If the first rules are by far the easiest, and therefore a practical tool for statistics, they are also accompanied by physical changes, such as the appearance of the breasts.

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In fact, the onset of puberty is mainly related to hormonal change. But if the exact factors that influence the age of onset of menstruation have not yet been identified, then there are several hypotheses.

What is the role of body mass in menstruation?

Various studies suggest a link between body mass and puberty. This might make sense: over the past few centuries, as access to food has improved in developed countries, it has also been possible to increase average body mass. In addition, some studies indicate that Fat girls Menstruate earlier than others. But for now, research on this topic is still scarce, and more data is needed to draw conclusions with certainty.

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What factors play a role in menstruation?

There are other factors that play a role in the study from INSERM He argues that young girls living in the south of France have their first period a few months earlier on average than those living in the north. The study authors suggest that exposure to ultraviolet light may have an effect.

Additionally, the researchers note that the social and economic environment can have a role in the age at which periods come. Likewise, the fact that parents smoke tobacco.