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Why do we give them the word?

Why do we give them the word?

The reality is quite different, of course, but this perception dies so badly and has become such tension that our teams are sometimes targeted in the field. It is clearly annoying and disturbing.

Bathing in this difficult climate, we are constantly looking for ways to report it, without becoming a news actor, while maintaining the necessary distance to our journalistic independence. How are the demonstrations against masks covered? How do we give voice to those we call them Plotting? Above all, how can we attest to this movement (since we cannot, as a mediator, hide this reality) while ensuring that our coverage does not present a disproportionate, even unnecessary view of a minority, especially if its claims are based on non-scientific grounds?

We are committed to presenting all aspects of this multifaceted medal, but it is also our duty to do so according to the journalistic standards and practices (including the principle of accuracy) that guide us daily, in your favor as a citizen.

Today, Radio Canada kicks off on OHdio The chain rolled up Convictions It is part of our desire for enlightenment, by offering a foray into the heart of the so-called movement Plotting. In this first series, journalist Simon Cotto went to meet leaders and activists who took up the cause of anti-health measures and mobilized audiences to denounce decisions made by governments since the start of the epidemic. Without complacency, but with respect, he asked them questions, sometimes narrowing, and sought to understand the reasons for their actions, to determine the turning point.

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Why this topic? Why are we giving voice to the people who have made the pandemic fight existing institutions?

Obviously, it’s not about promoting anyone or anything. We also do not encourage government decisions or health measures. resolution Do this topic It was not taken seriously. It has been well thought out and carefully planned.

Radio Canada also publishes extraordinary power to provide comprehensive coverage of the epidemic. From the emergence of the first cases until the end of 2019, our journalists have been interested in this coronavirus, explaining this across all our platforms, whether in the form of reports, articles, interactive tables, or “ special programs ”. From the start, we have striven to find, verify and report facts with balance and impartiality. This is our commitment more than ever.

Despite unprecedented restrictions, we have maintained our coverage in this area diligently and professionally, as evidenced by our TV and radio bulletins or our website or Info app, day in and day out. add to that Discovery And the Investigation Which has provided more than 80 reports and programs devoted to the epidemic in all its aspects.

Convictions I will not leave you indifferent, I am aware of this. But the intention is not to shock or condemn someone or something. It is a matter of informing you, and informing you, so that you have at hand everything you need to understand the phenomenon and form an informed opinion, regardless of your own convictions.

Good listening.

Los Julian is the General Director of Information for French Services at Radio Canada