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Why Do Scientists Write Lab Reports

The 21st century must be a dream world for inventors of the 19th century. It’s funny how we underestimate this luxurious time we live in, which is all courtesy of the great inventions made over time.

The 20th century must have been a tough time to be on earth. Think about it; all those wars, diseases, starvation, and all manner of problems that came with every passing wind. Many lives were taken at the hand of various maladies that people had no notion how to treat. Then comes Alexander Fleming, a scientist who discovered the first proper antibiotic, penicillin, in 1928. He probably had no idea just how many tribulations he had solved, but it’s safe to say he turned out to be the man of the year. Now a rhetorical question for you, imagine what would have happened had all this not been documented.

This article is meant to explain why scientists write lab reports, so let us delve right into it.

1. Lab reports document the process of experiments.

No matter how great the talents or efforts are, some things just take time. I don’t expect that scientists have a joyride through their experiments. That minor breakthrough they may experience is just what rouses them to keep going. Forgetting a small step or piece of information is a luxury they cannot afford because that missing piece ends up forming the tap that lets the water flow.

Documenting the process of their experiments allows them to understand the steps that led to a precise output, what works and what does not work, and it will enable them to revise the process in case they missed a step. The process is not all lost through documentation in case of a tiny mistake. It also allows scientists to learn from their mistakes and hastens their breakthroughs.

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2. Lab reports aim to communicate with the public.

The world has resided in peace without being in danger of any great pandemic until the end of 2019, where Wuhan, China, hit the news with the Corona pandemic. All eyes were turned to the medical scientists to provide an answer, and how could they when they faced an evil they knew nothing about. Experiments were done to analyze the problem at hand, and as you were well versed, we were in big trouble.

The public understood the situation through the lab reports that were simplified by the media for easier understanding. Lab reports communicate with the public, teaching them how best to prevent a crisis, deal with and react to the situation, and other worthwhile information.

My example, however, is minimalist as it only touches on medical lab reports. Some lab reports aim to prove the efficiency of some materials and equipment, hence ensuring the public’s safety. Lab reports have been carried out on various foods that have been deemed dangerous. Innumerable times have we seen the news on how foodstuffs were tested to assure they do not pose any complications to the public. How else can this information be communicated if not through lab reports?

3. Lab reports act as evidence of ownership.

As students, essay writing has become a paramount lifestyle. Plagiarism is a word you have seen so many times that you’ve grown tired of. Would you imagine the pain you’d feel finding an essay writer owning your work and calling it their own? The same goes for scientists. Having a world-saving invention may earn you more money than you may never expect. Not everyone looks out for you and wishes you luck; many are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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Lab reports act as evidence that the work in question is genuinely yours. They show that the scientist in question fully understands what he was doing and what the results of the experiments signify. Sure, all this feels like a minimal attempt to justify and prove the work done is the scientists. However, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and what better way to prove that you own the job if not through a lab report.

Just like professional essay writers allow ownership of essays at a fee, do not allow anyone to own your work without your consent.

4. Lab reports are used for further studies.

As mentioned earlier, the 20th century was a trying time, primarily due to the countless lives asserted by various diseases. One of the diseases, malaria, was so dangerous that it was termed the king of diseases. Studies were conducted over the years to slump the number of lives claimed by the sickness. In the 20th century, for example, it claimed over 150 million lives. These studies continued until they found a cure. Malaria research started quite early, and lab reports left by various scientists helped bring about the breakthrough of finding a cure. Had there not been lab reports, we would have been having another pandemic in our hands, which goes on to take lives from the face of the earth.

Lab reports are kept as records to refer to when there is a need for further studies on a particular topic. It allows the refinement of solutions to problems offered and eradicates new nuisances that may have arisen.

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5. Lab reports aid in sharpening skills.

The writing was invented as a mode of documentation; to allow you to remember information for future use and avoid making mistakes in the future. Specialization is all about becoming an expert in a particular field. Repetition creates a master, a master who becomes an expert.

Every scientist has to be an efficient lab report writer since this is their mode of communication. After writing several lab reports, a scientist sharpens his skills. This is because of the load of information he may have acquired through the various experiments carried out through the years. Lab reports allow him to remember steps are taken, and the more you do something, the better you get. Scientists enhance their knowledge, deal with various situations better, and get faster after undertaking multiple experiments.


Like diaries act as documentation for our daily lives, lab reports are scientists’ diaries. Darkness we may never comprehend would have engulfed us had it not been for the various lab reports documented over time.

Lab reports do not only apply to scientists. You may as well invent the cure for COVID-19. Better learn how to write lab reports.