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Why Covid-19 could become a simple cold in the future

Why Covid-19 could become a simple cold in the future

Here we are at the convergence of several stories: the history of epidemics, the history of research, the history of vaccinology, and I doubtless forget some of them. But what is certain is that all of these stories have taught us that when it comes to health, even if it is always difficult to play the role of preacher, we can draw from what we know, from what is verifiable, to build scenarios for the future.

Among these scenarios, there are scenarios that emerge from combinations of the unpredictable. We owe it to a team of researchers from the American University in Atlanta.

This team teaches us that if we don’t get rid of the coronavirus responsible for Covid overnight, the disease responsible for it will in the future be similar to simple cold.

Milder infections with collective immunity

First, we know that the coronavirus that worries us is similar to other coronaviruses responsible for the common cold. It affects little children, including those without previous immunity. And adults, upon re-infection, develop a milder form of the disease.

After that, we must understand that everything depends on immunity from Collection. The higher the vaccination rate or the higher the proportion of infected people, the greater this immunity. The result: our immune system is boosted and the infection becomes more and more benign, to the point where, according to our researchers, it’s like a simple cold.

Therefore, the virus will continue to spread, but it will face immunity that limits its damage. We can pass the virus on to each other but serious cases of Covid will become rare.

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Influenza is a legacy of the Spanish flu

To fully understand things, I will refer to The famous Spanish flu Dating back a century, it affected a third of the world’s population and killed between 3 and 5% of the human population.

This flu has stopped as a pandemic but we must not forget that it has left us a legacy in the form ofendemic virus Today it is still responsible for seasonal epidemics!

As a result, at present, many of the viruses that we see transient, whether epidemic or seasonal, are descendants of the virus responsible for the Spanish flu.

It’s the same virus! Of course, it mutates. Certainly, it is evolving. But it’s actually the same virus. what does it mean ? This means that the deadly pandemic can stop but the virus itself will persist, which is likely to happen with the current virus once it has completed its cycle.

The World Health Organization says so. The virus is with us forever. Simply put, it will be less durable, especially thanks to vaccination.

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