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WHO says China's policy on non-proliferation of coronavirus "is not sustainable"

WHO says China’s policy on non-proliferation of coronavirus “is not sustainable”

World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Tuesday that the zero-COVID policy he had advocated at the highest level in China to try to combat the epidemic was “not sustainable,” claiming she had discussed it with Chinese experts.

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“When we talk about the zero COVID strategy, we don’t think it is sustainable, given the behavior of the virus at the moment and which we expect in the future (…) It is very important to move to a different strategy at a press conference of the World Health Organization in Geneva.

Added emergency manager, Michael Ryan.

He noted that this strategy allowed China for some time to record very few deaths compared to its population.

“It’s something China wants to protect,” Dr. Ryan admitted.

Face à la hausse du nombre de morts depuis février-mars, il est logique que le gouvernement réagisse, a noté Michael Ryan, «mais toutes ces actions, comme nous le répétons depuis le début, doivent être prises des respects dans human rights”.

Late last week, China again said it would continue its COVID-free strategy, the ‘main trump card’ against the coronavirus, despite growing frustration in Shanghai as residents now trapped are protesting by banging their basins on windows.

The Asian giant, largely spared for two years, is facing its worst epidemic outbreak since the spring of 2020 and continues to enforce the same policy even as the virus mutates and becomes far more contagious than the original strain discovered in China at the end of 2019.

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According to the Chinese authorities – including President Xi Jinping who has thrown all his weight into pursuing this strategy – the zero COVID policy has allowed the Chinese to live almost normally since 2020 and limit the number of deaths to less than 5,000 according to the official. Report.

But the alternative Omicron does that.

Dr Ryan called for “dynamic, adaptive and flexible policies”, because the lack of adaptive capacity has shown during this pandemic that it can do “a lot of damage”.

Maria Van Kerkhove, who is responsible for overseeing the fight against Covid within the World Health Organization, insisted on the fact that today it was impossible to stop all transmission of the virus.

Our global goal is not to identify all cases and stop all transmissions. She acknowledged and stressed that this is not possible at the moment “but what we have to do is reduce the rate of transmission of the virus because the virus is spreading with such a high level of intensity.