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Who is Michel Louvain ?: Clash of Cultures

Who is Michel Louvain ?: Clash of Cultures

This is the question that the majority of English-speaking Quebecers are asking in the face of an almost unanimous backlash. Last week, the French speakers were upset.

My colleague Liz Ravary, columnist at NewspaperYesterday, he addressed readers of the English-language newspaper to explain to them who this star has been that has charmed generations of women for more than 60 years.

Even ignoring the singer’s name while living in Quebec says a lot about the isolation and indifference of the English-speaking minority towards the majority.

Upon the death of Felix Locklear in August 1988, Quebec fell into mourning. All the French newspapers and media made their headlines and made special programs about this man who became a legend in France and France thanks to huge successes such as Le Petit Bonheur or L’Alouette en Anger.

In the English-language press, some newspapers ran a few lines. Because we didn’t have the same references, the same symbols, the same stars. In short, we were not from the same family.

We were and still are strangers. The proof is that Montreal businessman Mitch Garber, who controls a portion of casinos in Las Vegas and is interested in Quebec’s popular culture, admitted on social networks that he himself did not know who Michelle Louvain was. He wrote, “I have to self-adjust.”

We live in two symbolic countries, we are rooted in two cultures. The past decades have confirmed this fact even more. Let’s be clear. The majority of Francophones are relentlessly retreating in Montreal. We see it over the months.

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Liz Ravary writes in her column that as English speakers offered a final emotional tribute to Prince Philip, Quebecers mourned in mourning for their prince, singer Michel Louvain.

With Quebec City’s demographic reconfiguration more diverse, this historical isolation is no longer to be revealed. We are in the process of reducing linguistic, cultural and ethnic. To create an image, the family is not only closely knit, but also in the process of becoming bilingual.

The battle to extend Bill 101 was not won until the end of college. Premier Lego, who paid tribute to Michel Louvain at the opening of the show star Academy On Sunday evening, you should know that young singers prefer to sing in English.

If the activists for the extension of Bill 101 in CEGEPs lost this battle, François Legault would take responsibility. Politically, however, it will be supported by a large portion of French speakers, especially young people, for whom French has become the language of private life at best.

We can be pessimistic about the future of the French without getting bitter.

The real split is no longer between two units. It is between us, between the old and the new. But it turns out that the ancients are those who survived inhabited by the values ​​that the modernists offend, and for whose sake the French, the nation and the people are stored in the attic of history.

Is it not up to the Nationalist François Legault to slow our slow mass disappearance instead of hastening it? Because PQ, he is, turns into a complex of sadness.

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