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Who is Ivan Carloer, the fiftieth priest at the origin of the vast Espace Martin Luther King in Creteil?

Who is Ivan Carloer, the fiftieth priest at the origin of the vast Espace Martin Luther King in Creteil?

Reverend Ivan Carloer, 41, always dreams of bigger. Standing on a roofMartin Luther King Grand Paris Space, Refers to the Parisian conglomerate. “From this panoramic balcony, in fine weather, Rejoice, You can see the Eiffel Tower, and between these two buildings, there is Montmartre. “ Turning around, and from above his slender silhouette, he continued his visit to the new building of 6,000 square meters at this convention center: “In addition to the 1,000-seat auditorium, restaurant, nursery, gyms, and common workspace, I was keen on the giant slides for the kids. Come on, I’ll show you.”

Priest Breton, 50, an economic assistant, married and father of two, prepares to open a huge building in Créteil, seven kilometers southeast of Paris. ” I want this space to be open to the city, Explains going down the stairs. During the week, rooms will be rented to companies for seminars or associations for cultural or sporting activities. Then, at the end of each week, a program runsMartin Luther King Church It will privatize the entire building to its activities. »

Praise and sports halls

These programs range from Christian education for children to dance classes for teens, including prayer groups and meal distributions for the homeless as well as Bible lessons and worship lessons. ” Before the March 2020 siege, the four Sunday Mass gathered 1,200 people, Remember. Since this date and the closure of the houses of worship the number of our subscribers has increased YouTube channelWorship doubled every Sunday. “ 35,000 subscribers follow the Church Channel, which is a rare success in Protestantism.

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Reverend Carlor, opening a swing door and pointing at the gray furniture in the room, explains: “This kitchen is made of stainless steel To enable members of the Jewish community to hold weddings and bar mitzvahs. ” He enthusiastically describes this piece, like his Protestant church life project. ” The same kitchen can be used for a Moroccan wedding, Christian christening, or general assembly meeting. This building is open to everyone. »

His church will be a regular tenant of the convention center – a tenant among other associations and companies. The municipality of Creteil, the state, the province of Val-de-Marne and the Ile-de-France region have pledged 3 million euros of the 20 million euros needed to build the Space Martin Luther King-Grand Paris – property from the Martin Luther King Foundation, which is itself a member of Protestant Foundation – Both are recognized as public good. Creteil’s socialist mayor Laurent Catala justifies his decision: “As for Creteil Cathedral and the Mosque of Creteil, the city has subsidized the cultural part of this facility to the tune of € 1 million – Espace Martin Luther King – which is, in this case, socio-cultural.”.

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