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Who can stop the party yet?

Who can stop the party yet?

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Melbourne (AFP) – There are only three of them to prevent Ashley Party from winning the Australian Open: In the semifinals on Thursday, Madison Keys will try his luck first, perhaps before Iga SwiDech or Daniel Collins.

None of the four have yet made it to the final in Melbourne.

The 25-year-old Australian has been ranked No. 1 in the world since September 9, 2019, and has won two Grand Slam titles (Roland-Carros 2019 and Wimbledon 2021). However, she is still chasing the first title in front of her audience, she is one of the most popular sports women in Australia.

But this time, she is running fast, very fast towards this goal. And without giving much to his enemies.

Out of five games so far, he has dropped only 17 games (averaging more than three per game). Apparently, he did not lose a single set, and apparently, he did not last long in court. In total, 5h05 or one hour per meeting.

Suffice it to say that she is physically refreshed and refreshed as she approaches the home extension.

“It’s very exciting. It’s always good to be in the game at the end of a Grand Slam match and to have the opportunity to play for one of the biggest titles,” the party shouted after its quarterfinal.

It is possible

Still, he was a semifinalist in 2020 and was eliminated in the quarterfinals last year. So it can beat, say, Keys (51st), Swedec (9th) and Collins (30th).

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Thursday (9:30 a.m.), keys start. He discovered the last square he reached in 2015 in Melbourne.

Madison Keys of the United States returns against Barbora Krezzhikova of the Czech Republic at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on January 25, 2022. Martin KEEP AFP

She knows she has to be wary of the party’s infamous backhand slice, and it jumps so low that “you can not do much with it.”

But he is a great striker, he has dropped a total of 157 winners since the start of the tournament.

The 26-year-old American is currently out of the top 50 (he was 87th on January 10), however he finished 7th in the world in 2016 and played in the final of the US Open (2017). Last year, he started his season in March, just before the Australian Open, after being knocked out in the 16th round at Wimbledon in July, winning only one match at Indian Wells in October.

“Last year was very complicated. I started everything in the offseason without even thinking about last year. So far it has worked!”, She greeted after winning the quarterfinals.

Daniel Collins

In the other semifinals, Grand Slam winner Sviatech (Roland-Carros 2020), who did not finish 8th in Melbourne, will face Colmins, a semifinalist in Australia (2019).

The 28-year-old American, who loves his studies and has come round to the round, believes he is physically stronger than the 2019 semifinals.

“I serve with great strength, I am very patient, I have generally progressed in terms of power and speed,” Daniel Collins underlined the nickname.

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It is not enough to worry about Swedek taking advantage of the American player’s abandonment in last year’s Adelaide match and defeating her.

“Since the start of the tournament, I’m already played, against very hard-hitting girls. So I can say that I perform better against this kind of sport,” the 20-year-old Polish noted.

In the 8th round against Sorana Cirstea and then in the quarterfinals against Gaia Canepi each time a set came back and was able to subdue the strength of the opponent and win.

“Both of these games proved to me that even in difficult times, I came back and managed to win, even though it was very difficult,” he added.

Poland's Iga Swidek celebrates her quarter - final victory over Estonia's Gaya Kanepi at the Australian Open in Melbourne on January 26, 2022.
Poland’s Iga Swidek celebrates her quarter – final victory over Estonia’s Gaya Kanepi at the Australian Open in Melbourne on January 26, 2022. Aaron Francis AFP

So she knows Collins is in great shape and very confident, and a big battle is coming. “But I feel the same way!” She insisted.