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Who and what is the area of ​​LREM in the country of François Bayrou?

Who and what is the area of ​​LREM in the country of François Bayrou?

The atmosphere in Bao, after the outgoing president’s victory.

Patrice Martins de Barros / Southwest

It must be said that the presidential majority in the Pyrenees-Atlantic seldom follows national logic at the time of selecting candidates. Because François Bayrou, an ally of Emmanuel Macron in the Ministry of Democracy, still wields his influence there. It remains to be seen whether the mayor of Bo will be able to keep all of the MoDem labels or whether he can waive one or two nominations to LREM. The potential candidates for En Marche are gradually getting out of the woodwork and some characters seem ready to find common ground.

Still blurry in the third

The outgoing deputy of the Third District, David Habib (Socialist Party), is campaigning, for example, for a broad alliance with German salsa. A consortium of circumstances that goes beyond the sole framework of the current majority and can be linked to formations from other parties. The vice-president of the association explains: “If I had wanted the En Marche, I would have had it a long time ago. I don’t need to go belly dancing in front of Emmanuel Macron. My goal is not to have a far-right candidate in the second round of the presidential election.”

The coalition is not yet written to listen to the reluctance of Bayonne Mayor Jean-René Echegaray (UDI). This endorsement of Emmanuel Macron refers to the socialist’s “Jacobanism” and others remember that he hails from a political stronghold, the Mournex, who preferred Marine Le Pen (54.38%) over Emmanuel Macron. In this third constituency, it is also rumored that Jean-Simon Leblanc, the mayor of La Bastide-Monrioux, will no longer accept it. He introduces himself as “a member of LREM since day one”. Enough to embody the nomination?

Lassal attack

Of course, time is not urgent: announcements of candidacy for legislative elections should be submitted to the province only from May 16-20. However, it is not always urgent to wait. Especially when you’re not carried away by any wave, like the Socialists, or when you’re likely to be looking for a fortress considered impregnable, like Annick Trounday (LREM).

On Sunday evening, François Bayrou was in front row with Emmanuel Macron.
On Sunday evening, François Bayrou was in front row with Emmanuel Macron.

Ludovic Marin/AFP

The name of the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers in charge of Youth and Integration, elected in the canton of Mount Basque Country, has spread in recent days among the ranks of the presidential majority. His candidacy will generate consensus and can be announced quickly in the 4th district, where Jean LaSalle has been inaugurated since 2002 (1). We also mention the name of Sylvain Templar, this MP… from Haute-Marne, an orthopedist at Lucq-de-Béarn, who calls himself a “candidate for candidacy” (2)?

It is difficult to see other names emerging from two circles of Bjarne in the hands of the majority: the first by José Poitou, close to François Bayrou, and the second by Jean-Paul Matei. The first explains: “There is a lot of humility and a great desire to act after this re-election. I am ready is not the goal. In any case, I will accompany Emmanuel Macron. My choice five years ago was not an option for five years. There are still great international and European challenges facing us. We’ll let the chief do the job. The rest, we’ll see.”

Suspender for Circo 6

The second is clearer. “Of course I want to go there, but above all I want to become a useful parliamentarian, insists Jean-Paul Matei. I have every intention of an active campaign. Marine Le Pen has achieved good results in our campaigns. We do not have problems in certain regions of the Paris region, but they are Certainly a form of suffering to be heard. We must give President Macron a majority, but he must be able to listen, at times skeptical, and we must be able to fully play the role of Parliament. If it is just a check-in room, she cannot do so.”

LREM’s Basque authority reference, Maria Francois, believes that things are well laid out in District V, indicating here the new nomination of Florence Lasserre on behalf of the presidential majority. “We will not proceed to the legislative elections as before, the person concerned thinks. For this degree of President of the Republic is not that of the camp; we must not lose sight of it.” Sixth outgoing Vincent Prue remains … brilliant and absent only, Sunday evening, during the tour The second he spent at the headquarters of Macronest in Bayonne. It must be said that Camboard will be in balance with the early LREM that was around that evening. A case to follow…

(1) In the first round, LaSalle was slightly ahead of Emmanuel Macron in the cantons of Oloron and the Basque Country. The LFI also did well in Oloron, but is staying away from the Macron-Lassalle duel in the Basque Country canton.

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