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White House pushes for aid to Ukraine amid Trump opposition

White House pushes for aid to Ukraine amid Trump opposition

(Washington) – The White House urged US senators on Thursday to reach an agreement on basic aid to Ukraine, after reports indicated that Donald Trump was seeking to undermine any progress on this issue.

According to American media, the right's top candidate in the presidential elections is encouraging Republicans to oppose the agreement to deprive his rival, Democratic President Joe Biden, of achieving a political victory before the November elections.

In recent weeks, Republican elected officials have put pressure on the Biden administration by tying any new aid to Ukraine to tougher measures against immigration, one of Donald Trump's campaign themes.

It seemed that an agreement between Republican and Democratic senators was close to being reached in recent days.

Ukraine's aid budget has dried up due to the lack of an agreement in Congress, while Kiev is increasingly concerned about the lack of aid from the United States and the European Union, its main support since the Russian invasion in February 2022.

At the White House, we assure you that the Biden administration dealt with this issue “in good faith” with Republicans, especially during a meeting with the president himself last week.

“We will continue in good faith and hope that Republicans will stay at the negotiating table until we get there,” White House spokeswoman Olivia Dalton told reporters.

Especially since Russia is “closely monitoring” the development of Washington’s support for Ukraine, for his part, confirmed John Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council.

“Ukraine is about to go through critical months, as it is the middle of winter and approaching spring. He insisted that the Russians have shown no intention of stopping their drone and missile attacks.

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