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Which sports brands are planning their petrol models?

Which sports brands are planning their petrol models?

Lamborghini announced that it will fully electrify its range by 2024. Some models will be fully electric, while others will have a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Does this mean the beginning of the end for gasoline sports cars, or are there other plans?

Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati have already indicated that they will be electric, or at least partially. at PorscheThey have a head start, because this automaker already has an electric vehicle in its range. In addition, the Taycan It is the best-selling model and is the third in Belgium From the state. But whether the German carmaker will actually withdraw its models from gasoline in the relatively near future is another matter.

why ?

Porsche is developingA synthetic fuel whose environmental impact is much less than that of gasoline, and does not require any modification to existing gasoline engines. This indicates that the brand wants to keep the gasoline engine, and this in itself is not surprising. After all, the end of this training will mean the end of the famous boxer engine, and the most famous Porsche model – 911 – will lose its individual character.


Porsche may try to keep the 911 alive as we know it for as long as possible, but drastically limit copies in order to prevent emissions from Carbon Dioxide Of its entire fleet as low as possible. The 911 would then become more exclusive and therefore more expensive than it is today, and would no longer represent only a small fraction of Porsche’s total sales. Even if “e-fuel” becomes much more expensive than gasoline, this should not bother customers because they are already (very) rich. Additionally, Bentley – which belongs to the same group – has a For synthetic fuels. Il se pourrait donc bien que (même) d’autres marques exclusives suivent l’exemple de Porsche pour conserver l’aspect traditionnel, disons presque romantique, des voitures de sport jusqu’à ce qu’elles ne puissent vraiment plus faire autrement, ou To say.

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