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When to play Sniper Elite 5 on Xbox Game Pass: hours by region |  Xbox One

When to play Sniper Elite 5 on Xbox Game Pass: hours by region | Xbox One

Elite Sniper 5 It is the next big release for the month of May. The game will be available next Thursday and you can too Download now On Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S to play when you start it. Recently, Rebellion shared an image containing the dates and times the address was available in different regions of the world.

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First shot May 26

It is a global version that will be released for Sniper Elite 5. This means that everyone has to enjoy the game at the same time and therefore it will not be possible to play it beforehand by jumping into the new year. – Zeeland.

In France, you can start the game from Thursday, May 26 at 2:00 AM (French time).

As a reminder, the title will feature solo campaign play as well as co-op during the new Invasion mode It will allow another player to spoil the party in your session. Several competitive modes are also planned and we will of course find the elements that made the series famous such as the famous Kill-cam.

Sniper Elite 5 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC as well as Xbox Series X | S and PS5. It will also be available live on the day of its release on Xbox Game Pass as well as in PC Game Pass and can be played on mobile via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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