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When the stars meet their idols

When the stars meet their idols

They are like us: when stars meet their idols, a whirlwind of feelings unfolds. Moments that are clearly immortal.

Celebrities also have their idols. Across the Atlantic, Hollywood stars have often documented their encounters with their favorite characters, although some have crossed paths while navigating events. This is the case of Jennifer Lawrence: When she just won an Oscar for Best Actress for “The Happiness Cure” in 2013, an ABC journalist gave an interview to the actress. That’s when Jack Nicholson popped up a head to greet and congratulate her. “Sorry to interrupt …” said the “Shining” star. Jennifer Lawrence joked, “Yeah, that’s really rude.” Astonished her by the meeting, the actress also thrilled to meet Jeff Bridges at Comic-Con in 2013. “I’m a huge fan,” she said nervously after embracing him.

“I’m panicking, she’s just a few feet away from me!”

The second Academy Award winner lost his potential by overtaking another superstar: Anne Hathaway. In 2015, while attending the New York premiere of her movie “The Intern”, the actress panicked when she saw Mariah Carey on the red carpet. She said, “Oh my God.” The journalist asked her, “Have you met her before?” “No. I’m freaking out. She’s a few meters away from me! I’ll meet her in time. I love the fact that all of this was videotaped. Is she behind me there? If I put myself this way, is that good? Well! (… ) It’s so much fun, ”Anne Hathaway said.

Finally, in 2016, Emilia Clarke met her idol Matt Le Blanc on the set of the English show “The Graham Norton Show”. “I’m blush. I think you’re cool,” she turns to the “Friends” star, laughing, before asking him to release the iconic line of his character, Joy. “how are you ?” (“How are you?”) The reaction is worth a look …

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