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When science makes it possible to eat better

Practice new eating habits to maintain your health, while maintaining the joy of preparing a good meal. This is what Rodrigo Cardoso teaches to his students. During the workshops he gives in Besançon, this healthy nutritionist promotes plants and shares scientific data on food.

by Maxim Koresh
05:00 | Updated at 8:30 p.m.

Rodrigo Cardoso beats it. The share of unprocessed vegetables in our dishes is very low. Facilitator of workshops “What is healthy eating?” , which he launched in 2020 in Besançon, this specialist in the connection between science and food quotes Esteban’s government study (Health study on the environment, biomonitoring, activity and nutrition): it is based on studies, but, on average, the recommended minimum amount of fiber per day is 30 g. In France, only 13% of adults and 2% of children consume the recommended minimum. Could do better then.

shortcomings and excesses

With a master’s degree in physical education and a postgraduate in cardiac rehabilitation, Rodrigo Cardoso became a nutrition expert after working for Nutrition Facts (, a nonprofit that monitors advances in scientific knowledge in health and nutrition.

In 2020 he launched the project From Flag to Painting, before launching his own workshops in Besançon. Understanding protein intake, mastering the issue of deficiency and excess of calcium, iron, omega-3, … topics about which there are many questions.

“The goal is to give participants clues in terms of nutrition and health sciences, but also to make them independent in their food choices,” describes Rodrigo Cardoso who only focuses on whole plant foods, not generating empty calories. “I’m not here to tell people to be vegan. But I’ve found that the best of the scientific data is a vegan diet.”

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Gluten-intolerant Françoise Berda is participating in the 2022-23 cycle of these workshops, organized under the auspices of Café des Pratiques. The 73-year-old resident of Pré des Vaux confirms her interest in looking at her diet. “We read everything and reverse it in Nutrients and Legumes Associations. These workshops allow me to learn things and put things in order,” says the pensioner, who confirms that she got rid of allergies and migraines after adjusting her diet.

For his part, Rodrigo also wants to show participants that dietary rigor can harmonize with gluttony. “Without adding fat, you can make delicious meals,” he concludes.

This year, a dozen or so participants have attended his workshops. The next session is scheduled for April 30. Rodrigo Cardoso plans to launch new workshops for the 2023-2024 season.

The workshops take place at Les Chaprais, in premises provided by the L’Arte Association. more information

Zero calorie recipe

Always with the goal of encouraging the consumption of whole, plant-based foods, without empty calories, Rodrigo Cardoso offers recipes during workshops, such as vegetable lasagna. “It is based on wholemeal pasta, or gluten-free corn pasta, with vegetables, especially cauliflower“.

For cooking without salt and without processed fats, chefs can choose seasoning, brewer’s yeast, or fermented soybean paste. “You can also replace some of the fat with an oilseed puree, based on sesame, walnuts or almonds.Rodrigo Cardoso says.It gives a lot of flair.»