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When Rinderknech encountered “drunken Australians” in Melbourne

When Rinderknech encountered “drunken Australians” in Melbourne

The protagonist of an electric match against Taylor Fritz at Roland-Carros, where he was cheered by American Suzanne-Lenglen, Arthur Rinderknecht experienced a comparable match in Australia in 2022, where the public behaved even worse, according to his memories.

Between Gael Monfils’ magical night against Sebastien Baez or the unreal battle between Daniel Altmaier and Janick Sinner at Suzanne-Lenglen, this start to Roland-Garros is full of emotion. On Thursday evening, the match between Arthur Rinderkneck and Taylor Fritz ended in a strange situation that was very hostile to the Americans.

Fritz put his finger to his mouth on match point and Lenglen called on the public to shut up as he supported the last Frenchman on the run. In response, he exclaimed during a court interview. The scene sparked debate among tennis enthusiasts and fans : Is a scene like this part of the game, and will it bring salt to the crowds? Or is that overkill, just disrespectful?

This Friday morning, it is tempting to remember that this kind of situation is not a French exception, on the contrary, in recent years, in Percy (remember Gaston. -Algaras) or Roland-Carros. But every player has seen it before, if not worse, at the US Open or the Australian Open. In 2022, Rinderknech experienced a hostile atmosphere in Melbourne against Alexei Babin.

“I am very much in favor of having this football situation, at least European football. French responded Thursday evening at a press conference. Yes it was comparable (with his competition in Melbourne, editor’s note), and it was almost perfect. There were a few more people at Lenglen, and the field in Australia was a bit smaller. I think the Australians were more drunk than the French tonight. Little did I know then, I was not by Fritz’s side tonight. I don’t know if we slipped sweet words to him on the edge of the stand. Anyway, I was. »

Fritz, apparently, ended the evening angry with the French public, even the win certainly helped him get a good night’s sleep. Rinderknech, at the time, loved this Australian experience.

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It was absolutely insane, He said after his match in 2022. It was on the edge of fairness, not always super fair play, but that’s part of the game. It was hot, I enjoyed it, and it was brilliant. But luckily I love tennis passionately, because you can definitely leave a match like this with a good headache and a big disappointment.. »

Rinderknkech “tried to be polite” in his joy.

Like Fritz on Thursday evening, Rinderknech won against Popyrin and against the public. After the match point, he didn’t hesitate to cheer. ” It is an outpouring of joyHe had to say. I try to be respectful to the audience because they have been adults too. We must dare them, they pushed Paprin for three hours. It’s not easy to win, and at the end, I wanted to tell them ‘make some noise one last time’, where you’re a bit defeated, because at the end, I’m your Aussie. »

To go further, Rinderknech can also testify that there is a more hostile place for tennis players: the American university circuit, where all shots are allowed.

“Part of my journey consists of very warm meetings in America and American universities, where the public can often interact at points.He recalled Thursday evening. I can imagine to you that if the public had the right to shout at any time between points, it could make the match a little crazy. There were no stadiums like tonight with so many decibels, but it was a bit of folklore. I think one time is too much. On the other hand, between points, as long as the point is respected, there are those who shout no, in all directions, which has nothing to do with public encouragement, and I am more for that. It makes the game and the game that much better. »