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Si ces retards se concentrent uniquement en Floride, il faut prendre conscience que du fait de l’augmentation des vols spatiaux et l’installation de nouveaux "spaceport", ce problème pourrait s’aggraver et s’étendre à d’autres régions - Auteur nmcandre

When missile launches disrupt air traffic

According to FAA data, SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch in 2018 affected 563 flightscausing a total delay of 4,645 minutes and forcing the planes to travel an additional 34,841 miles!

Researchers at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida have just estimated that a single space launch could cost airlines Up to $200,000 in additional fuel by 2027, And the Up to $300,000 in additional fuel over the next decade.

The Airline Pilots Association, aware of this new problem, warned the FAA in 2019 to change its approach and stop aggressively supporting space operations, as quoted by Congressman Peter DeFazio, who was concerned: that FAA prioritizes commercial spaceflight launch Compared to traditional air travel, which serves many people “.

In 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration acquired a new instrument, the space data integrationwhich directly shares spacecraft data during launches and allows the agency to do so To reopen the airspace more quickly. The FAA also claims to have succeeded in reducing the airspace closing time associated with missile launches from about four hours to just over two hours.

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