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When Crime Speaks: The Pursuit of Crime

When Crime Speaks: The Pursuit of Crime

with this series ofPodcastsPhilip Bourbon tells you about the scientific methods that thwarted the biggest news. Fingerprints, DNA, Artificial Intelligence, Profiling… in every the ring, is the details of a scientific investigation technique It is explained by experts who use it on a daily basis. You can access this 8-episode series for free below.

if it wasHuman He presents himself as an intelligent and advanced species, but remains a fallible being. Forgetting, omitting, lying or even offending, the truth is hard to show when human speech is unreliable. It is difficult for crime investigators to see clearly when stories obscure mysteries or when there is no one to testify. If there is one area where error is not allowed, it is fairness. So, how do you overcome it? To put the puzzle pieces together, researchers are turning to science. Objective, factual and accurate, it presents a set of complementary clues in the service of truth. Whether it is technological or methodological, Criminology Strengthen the hope for a more just justice, provided it is well used. “To err is human,” but science may well help us.

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This podcast series was written and produced by Renaud Pourpre in collaboration with the Science & Vie editorial board.

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