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When a blizzard blocks customers for three days in a bubble

When a blizzard blocks customers for three days in a bubble


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The Brits stayed in a bubble for three days due to the snow. “We karaoke, quiz, Cards, Board games, ”says the company manager.

They had come to this pub one fine evening to listen to the Oasis group’s parody concert. But the British did not leave because of the storm that night Snow. They lingered for three days. “We’re all still there, Monday morning. We’m waiting to see when public officials can join us in a snowstorm and when people can return home.”, Says Nicola Downsent, pub manager at “Dawn Hill Inn”.

There was enough food and drinks to go on the weekend with traditional British roast, and sausage, stuffing and pudding. Guests are not bothered and the accommodation team A Everything was arranged to pass the time. “We did karaoke, quizzes, card games, board games, helped people clean the tables, it was great.”, Says Nicola Downsent. The road was finally cleared of snow, Monday afternoon, and one weekend these friends are already planning to meet again next year.

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