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WhatsApp will stop working on these devices in January 2022!  full list

WhatsApp will stop working on these devices in January 2022! full list

This is January 2022, The WhatsApp It will likely pull support from various Android and iPhone devices. The Facebook-owned SMS platform WhatsApp has updated the list of devices in its blog posts.

The messaging platform has stopped supporting older versions of Android, iOS, and older smartphone operating systems as part of the annual update. WhatsApp has revealed that it will stop working on more than 30 smartphones in January 2022.

The list includes these iPhone smartphones 6S, Iphone I knowand Samsung phones galaxySony Xperia M, HTC wish 500, LG Optimus F7 and other things. As these cell phone companies have millions of users, this extreme move of WhatsApp will affect millions of its users. According to a joint report by sproutedWhatsApp will stop supporting many older phones in Brazil.

More than 2.2 billion active WhatsApp users worldwide, including more than 100 million in Brazil alone. However, it is not clear whether this is the caseto apply to me To another part of the world, including India.

Since many of these smartphones from the WhatsApp list are also used in India, this is a concern for Indian users as well. However, any confirmation regarding WhatsApp support for Indian users is still pending.

WhatsApp will no longer support these operating systems. iPhone users using iOS 9 or lower will no longer enjoy WhatsApp support and will no longer send messages, photos, videos or any other service offered by the platform. So if your iPhone or operating system is old, you will not be able to install the updated version of WhatsApp, and soon WhatsApp will not work at all.

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those Iphone WhatsApp will not support it in January 2022:

Apple iPhone I know(16 go, 32 go and 64 go)

Apple iPhone 6S(32 go and 64 go)

Apple iPhone 6S Plus – (16 go, 32 go, 64 go and 128 go)

Apple iPhone 6S(128 Go) UN Apple iPhone 6 s(16 Go)

How can you prevent your phone from losing WhatsApp support?

WhatsApp users who have an operating system for old phones need to update their operating system to the latest operating system and WhatsApp phone system.