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WhatsApp is something new to calling

The WhatsApp It has rolled out several new features for its mobile apps in recent weeks, and it looks like this trend will continue. By testing the latest beta version of the app, WABetaInfo Already discover a new interface for the call screen on iOS.

The version tested by our colleagues is and installed by TestFlight.

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While walking around the owner, WABetaInfo made several notable discoveries. Most important of all, it concerns the appeal.

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WhatsApp brings something new to calling on iOS

So WhatsApp has implemented a whole new interface for voice and video calls. Very close to what Apple offers on FaceTime, it’s simpler and more accurate.

Thus the group name will appear at the top, along with the duration of the call and the encryption status. The user can also bring up a dashboard with several buttons. This will allow him to switch the call to speakerphone, start the video, mute the microphone, or end the call.

And not only. Moreover, other buttons will also be regrouped to allow the user to easily add new guests or ring the phone of the reporter of his choice.

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More flexibility for conference calls

More interesting, with this new interface it will also be possible to add a reporter distance After the appeal has begun. A job that should facilitate teamwork, but also exchanges within the family. These additions can actually be made even when the call is already in progress.

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WhatsApp will also go further. If you have been invited to a conference call and decline the invitation, you can join it later if it is still in progress. If your friends call you while you are in the car, you can ignore their call and join the conversation as soon as you park your car.

Currently, only the iOS version of the app offers these new features. However, it should soon roll out to Android. However, no date is mentioned.