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WhatsApp gives you a new superpower, saving ephemeral messages

It is now possible to save temporary messages on WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

Credit: WhatsApp

Adds Meta Keep in Chat, a handy feature for temporary WhatsApp messages on Android and iOS, which is somewhat the equivalent of saved messages. As their name suggests, they allow you to Save one or more exchanges in a dedicated folder on the smartphone. To take advantage of this, temporary messages must already be activated in the conversation (because otherwise, all messages are effectively accessible all the time).

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Note that if you want to turn a regular WhatsApp conversation into a conversation with ephemeral messages, you will need to delete previous messages manually: temporary mode only takes effect once this setting is enabled. If all conditions are met, you can now save a temporary message normally. this says, There is a condition that must be met, and not the least of them.

WhatsApp allows saving temporary messages, but there are safeguards in place to prevent abuse

The implementation of temporary messages responded to a call for more control over the confidentiality of messages. Wouldn’t the possibility of preventing one or more messages from disappearing be completely counterproductive? Well, no, because The person whose message you want to save must agree to the operation.

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WhatsApp explains how this mechanism works on the company’s blog: “For this to work, the sender will be notified when someone saves a message, and given the opportunity to dispute the decision. If you decide your message cannot be kept by others, your decision is final.” […] The message will be deleted when the time is up. Will this security measure be sufficient? Nothing is less certain, for the most malevolent of souls always find a way to achieve their ends. Today begins rolling out the “Keep in Chat” or “Kept Messages” function in WhatsApp on Android and iOS.

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source : The WhatsApp