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What would science be... without women?

What would science be… without women?

Equality between girls and boys is not a given. In fact, it has been observed that girls, while studying, do better than boys. However, when choosing a high school or college career, girls often choose less scientific training than boys and are more oriented toward letters, social work, and services.

To combat this trend, which has proven disastrous for women and society, every year since 2016, Fermat Science for middle school students, as part of Math Week and International Women’s Rights Day, has organized a Women in Science 82 event. The purpose of this meeting is to enhance the image of science among women. , as well as the image of women in science. Many questions are already being asked. How do you give girls the confidence to encourage them to choose a scientific field? How do you inform them of the conditions available to women after scientific and technical studies?

The tools laid out are of a diverse nature: a rich and varied program, conferences, workshops, an exhibition, a game visit and an escape game.

The new format imagined by Sabine Boltana, the moderator in charge of the project, over two days, allowed 350 young people and teachers from two schools in Tarn and Garonne to meet with 25 speakers from several structures and associations, to discover notable women, but also to tinker with mathematical objects. 3 eminent mathematicians were honored: Sophie Germain, a French mathematician, physicist and philosopher known for the theory of arithmetic that bears her name; Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to receive the Fields Medal, and Alicia Ball, Senior Regular Solids Specialist.

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In short, girls and boys have the same opportunities to pursue a scientific career as long as they can gain self-confidence.