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What passion makes you stupid according to science?

What passion makes you stupid according to science?

Is it a passion that makes you stupid? It seems so. According to a Hungarian study published in the journal BMC Psychology, There is no There is nothing more astounding than looking closely at the lives of our favorite celebrities. Simply put, if you search for the latest rumors about Jennifer Lopez’s love life or click every time we do one of the new people’s stories, and you have cult after cult, then you probably are. A little dumber than average.

What is this passion that amazes us?

Far be it from us to push you, and to tell the truth, we ourselves are a little offended, because we like to read newspapers regularly, but in fact they are sign of stupidity. According to the researchers behind this research, there are A direct association between fame cult and poor performance on cognitive tests..

In order to come to such a conclusion, scientists asked 1,763 adults to answer Vocabulary test About thirty words. Then they were exposed to Digital Code Replacement Test Finally he had to fill celebrity attitude scale questionnaireTo determine their level of interest in the stars. Race results? The people whose level of interest in people was the highest were the ones who also had Lower scores on tests of cognitive ability.

Safe test?

Can we really trust this test? Our level of bullshit probably doesn’t necessarily depend on a bad score on a cognitive test, does it? No, we’re not trying to reassure ourselves as best we can. Rather, the authors of this study are the ones who say: “Our research does not prove that developing a strong obsession with your favorite celebrity leads to lower cognitive test scores.”. We are immediately satisfied. And believing we’re about to cancel our Closer subscription…

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