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Mon espace santé s'inscrit dans la digitalisation de la médecine. © stokkete, Adobe Stock

What is the use of the new digital health record?

Everyone now has access to a digital health space that allows their health data to be stored. What are the advantages? Is this space safe? How do you reach it? Futura provides an update on this new service offered by the health insurance company.

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Today, everything is digital! Also in the field of health. Digital is increasingly present, in particular Across Schedule appointments online and circulate remote consultation when possible. This phenomenon was, of course, accelerated by health crisis.

After a testing phase in three divisions (Haute-Garonne, Loire-Atlantique and Somme), My Health Space was launched on February 3, 2022 across France. It’s a space DigitalA personalized and secure collection of all a person’s health data. Its goal is twofold: to enable individuals to be active in their health and to facilitate its monitoring by health professionals.

My Health Space is not the first digital health device to be tested in France. The personal medical record was launched in 2004, and then replaced by the common medical record in 2016, the latter did not achieve the expected success. This is the reason for reviewing and improving the model. From now on, health professionals are not the only ones who can feed the medical file: the patient also has control and can add or hide documents. If you have a shared medical file, such as ten million French, the data in it will be automatically merged into your health space.

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Why digital space?

My Health Space allows document holders to store and consult all data related to their health: prescriptions, results of biological analyzes, photos and imaging reports, payment history, testimonials vaccinationAnd the covid testHospitalization reports, etc. The patient can upload the documents he wishes to file himself or authorize health professionals to add them to his file while his treatment progresses. The user also has the possibility to complete his profile to provide information about a possible allergy, for example, or to communicate with him advanced directions. It’s a true digital health record.

My Health Space makes it possible to reduce the loss or forgetfulness of health documents by patients during a medical consultation. For example, this analysis can be prevented from being prescribed and performed only because the results of the previous analysis are not known to the healthcare professional. My Health Space also facilitates coordination between health professionals by sharing documents. Other services will be gradually integrated into the My Health space: a E-mailMedical diary and other digital services.

Is this space safe enough?

Fear of health data theft or breach of medical confidentiality is perfectly legitimate. Certainly many companies will be interested in owning this type of information: insurance companies, employers, banks … location asserts that ” My Health Space is a trusted digital service “, that ” This new service guarantees its users the protection of their health data and the preservation of medical confidentiality “Finally” The Secrecy The information from the medical record is fully guaranteed The data is hosted on . servers Located in France.