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What is life expectancy after a stroke?

What is life expectancy after a stroke?

Age, an important factor

Because situations vary, it is difficult to establish a “standard” of life expectancy after a stroke. In France, the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) published a document in 2015 based on 2008-2010 post-hospital mortality data. “The proportion of patients who died was 14.5% during initial hospital treatment, 16% in the month following the stroke and 28% within a year.” In other words: during this period nearly a third of stroke victims died within a year.

Another study, this Danish, focused on the long-term follow-up of stroke victims (1978-2007). Of the 2,000 patients in the original group, 1,800 died during follow-up. After cerebrovascular disease in 37% of cases, other cardiovascular disease in 28% of cases or cancer in 12% of cases. “The most important factor for long-term survival was age at stroke,” the authors say. In the 65- to 72-year-old age group, 11% have survived 15 years after stroke. In the under-65 age group, 28% have lived for 15 years.”

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