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Thylacine tigre de tasmanie

What if the Tasmanian tiger is revived?

The Tasmanian tiger is a species that disappeared almost a century ago. An Australian university, however, said it had recently received a large donation as part of a more specific study to “resurrect” the Tasmanian tiger.

A new laboratory

Tasmanian Tiger a Carnivorous marsupial Its dimensions were close to those of a wolf. This animal belongs to the same family The famous Tasmanian devil Is primarily characterized by its tape code that appeared on Earth Four million years ago According to some studies. Its favorite prey is kangaroos, walruses and some types of ground nesting birds.

In Australia, After the 1830s, People who hunted the Tasmanian tiger (or tylosin) were given gifts by sheep farmers. This animal is affected by the impact of competition with stray dogs and dingo and some diseases. Deforestation also plays a major role in its decline. According to various sources, the last Tasmanian tiger may have lived In 1933 or 1936.

In Official press release On March 1, 2022, the University of Melbourne (Australia) announced that it had now received a $ 5 million contribution to build a new laboratory. Her name? Thilasin Integrated Genetic Restoration Research (TIGRR) Laboratory. The purpose is to improve the technology Revive the Tasmanian tigerBut Australia’s other endangered native mammals.

Credit: National Archives of Australia / Wikipedia

Forty native species have become extinct in two hundred years

“Our research project proposes nine key steps for the‘ destruction ’of thiazine. One of our biggest advances is the genetic sequencing of the thylacine, which provides a detailed diagram of how to mimic the essential elements of the animal.Scientists explain.

Researchers say the Tasmanian tiger is one of about 40 endangered Australian mammal species. For the past two centuries. First, you need to know that this animal was very common in Australia and New Guinea before it disappeared from these countries three thousand years ago. The Tasmanian tiger still survives in Tasmania (hence its name) after arriving about 14,000 years ago. Gold, Less than five thousand persons They were there before European colonization in the early 19th century.

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In 2017, Australian scientists already published work suggesting a Tasmanian tiger Well weakened before the arrival of the first humans In the landscape of Australia 70,000 years ago. In fact, the genetic sequence of organisms already existed at that time,A genetic variation and health These animals fell.