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Boris Johnson au parlement britannique, le 7 juillet.

“What if Boris Johnson wins his race?”

FIGAROVOX / INTERVIEW – Boris Johnson announced on Monday that restrictions on his country are coming to an end despite the progress of the delta variation. Relian Antoine, director of Brexit Labs, said this unique empowerment strategy is an essential complement to the vaccine campaign.

Aurelian Antoine is a university professor, director and lecturer at the Brexit Laboratory Brexit: An English story, Released on September 16 by Dallos Editions.

No more mandatory masks, end of social distance measures, nightclubs reopening … British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday that restrictions in his country were ending despite an increase in the number of polluters and an improvement in the delta variation. How do you see this dangerous race? Did he make the right decision?

It is undeniable that the epidemic across the channel is experiencing a new acceleration at an alarming rate. However, epidemiologists point out that it is difficult to predict the number of deaths and the outcome of this outbreak of hospital admissions. Having been mass vaccinated in the United Kingdom since the end of 2020, it is unthinkable with the same models of previous waves,

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