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What happened - Video - TSA

What happened – Video – TSA

BBQ party organized on Friday at يوم The new stadium in OranThe day after the opening of this sports stadium, which cost the state a fortune, sparked controversy on social media.

Eid video maker web tour, Reaction to the country’s authorities. Thus the Ministry of Youth and Sports decided to open an investigation into this issue that, in the eyes of some Algerian internet users, distorted the temporary opening of the new stadium in Oran, with a friendly match between Algeria (A’) and. Liberia (5-1) took place there Thursday 17 June.

What’s happened

At the country’s microphone, Yassine Siafi, director of youth and sports in Oran, spoke about what happened.

« This barbecue was organized without the permission of the local and central administration. The employees of the production company (MCC) and the design office wanted to celebrate the delivery of the project, which took place without significant restrictions. They wanted to throw a party, but in an unacceptable way “, He said.

DJS in Oran province added that the committee will “ doing her job “to define responsibilities” in a precise manner ” And the ” Everyone bears their responsibilities He said that the governor of Oran had formed a committee and that a report would be prepared by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The barbecue was organized in the tunnel that gives access to the square, according to the same official.

Syafi added that the new stadium is in Oran. Not yet delivered »It is still under the responsibility of the Chinese company MCC, which won the production contract. ” Entry to the stadium is still subject to a permit from the Chinese company “, he added.

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